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We call on the government to:



• Carry out and publish assessments of the potential equality impact of all spending and revenue raising policies and assess the cumulative impact of the budget as a whole.


• Monitor the actual equality impact of policies.


• Take into account the combined impact of different cuts on particularly vulnerable groups in their assessments and monitoring.


• End the benefit freeze, linking annual increases in benefits and tax credits to the cost of living and/or average wages.


• Review Universal Credit, ending the six week wait for payments, allowing for payments to be split between partners and improving the work allowance and incentives for second earners.


• Remove arbitrary caps on the amount of benefits that a household can claim ensuring the level of benefit support is based on need.


• Ensure a system of local government funding that is based on the needs of the local population.


• Invest in social infrastructure (health, education and care services). These services are vital to both the economy and the wellbeing and life chances of individuals. This would involve:


• Improve access to quality and decent jobs for BME women. 


• Reduction in tuition fees for higher education and universities to remove barriers to access.


• Include low-income women, young mothers and young people with special needs in the qualifying criteria for the 16-19 Bursary Fund.


• Funding for initiatives that encourage women and those from ethnic minority backgrounds to consider subjects and occupations where they are under-represented.


• Fund affordable, high quality, flexible childcare.


• Develop plans for a ‘national care service’ alongside the NHS to provide for the social care needs of all.


• Improve access to quality and decent jobs for BME women. This would include:


• Implement the recommendations of the McGregor-Smith (2017) review into Race in the Workplace.


• Legislate to reduce opportunities for conscious and unconscious bias during recruitment processes, for example by requiring blind reviewing.


• Ensure that the public sector becomes a model employer in terms of promoting equal outcomes, and uses its power as a purchaser of services to encourage better practice in the private sector.


• Require mandatory reporting of pay gaps by ethnicity, as well as gender, in large organisations.




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